Selling Antiques: Why Choose Antique Furniture?

The antiques are appreciated by connoisseurs and collectors, but not only, even by neophytes who want to furnish their home with a classic touch and fine. In the antiques sector there are different types of furniture and furnishings.

First there are the ancient ones, coming from ancestors; they are objects that families have handed down for generations and that have an economic as well as an emotional value.

All the furniture of the nineteenth century and beyond, the Liberty and Art Nouveau sideboards of the first decades of the twentieth century, but also the post-war kitchens of the grandparents can be included in this collection.

Some passionate and expert collectors recover even older objects, preserving the state of the material with care and through the right products.

Then there are the antique and vintage or shabby chic inspired furniture that are increasingly appreciated and sought after in today’s furnishings.

These furniture components are relatively young, made in today’s era, with a retro style that refers to distant times. The value of antiqued furnishings drops considerably compared to authentic antiques, for this reason they can be found at advantageous prices and affordable for all budgets, for example in flea markets.

Then there are the poor art furniture that, as the word itself says, take up the style of peasant kitchens, country farmhouses, masonry, houses of ordinary people. They are easily recognizable thanks to the extensive use of raw wood, in its natural essence, with simple cuts, sharp and uneven corners, important and solid volumes, without too many decorations or frills.

Currently the Arte Povera furniture has been cleared through customs also thanks to the TV series set in the prairies and kitchens of the ancient noble houses, where wood is the protagonist: cherry wood tables, massive walnut sideboards with display cabinets, beech wall units are all furnishing components that can be found in the dining rooms designed nowadays.

Furnishing with antique furniture means giving a touch of warmth to the house, giving a comfortable note to any room, both in the living room and in the sleeping area.

The shabby chic style, aimed at recovery and recycling, is popular in the bathrooms, through the grandmother’s ceramic bowls which become freestanding washbasins on the wooden bases, the porcelain jugs with which daily hygiene was provided, the free-standing bathtubs, with animal details and brass inserts, the wicker baskets of Provencal taste.

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