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Everyone is after the latest products these days but sometimes its more fun to look into things from a time long past. As the saying goes: Old is Gold. If you are drawn to the unusual charm of old ornaments and wish to adorn your home with the remnants of a bygone era, then we are just the place for you.

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Antiques are a form of self-expression and having them in your home reflects your refined taste. That is why Brisbane Antique Centre has some of the best variety of Home Antiques that can enhance the mood of your house.


Collection We boast a sophisticated collection of home antiques ranging from small trinkets to large pieces of furniture. Our collection spans across different cultures and centuries and you are bound to find something that suits your fancy.

Professional Expertise/ Appraisals

We are a reliable place where you can find authentic articles at reasonable prices. A team of highly professional antique appraisers thoroughly investigate all the pieces put on display at our shop. If you have any personal items that you want appraised, you can avail the services of these professionals whose credibility is guaranteed.

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Planning to build a new house? Here’s what you need to know when you knock down and rebuild in Brisbane

It is a fact that you can knock down and rebuild your own house in Brisbane, but it is equally true that it takes a lot of knowledge to do so. This is because the building in such a manner requires access to many different types of materials and supplies that must be bought or procured regularly.

Once you have all of the essential supplies on hand, it is time to get to work on your knockdown and rebuild project. When you start this type of renovation, you will end up with a whole new look and feel for your home. One of the primary objectives of this kind of renovation is to make it more energy-efficient. This is something that cannot be accomplished without the right supplies. For example, during the new home construction, it is likely that a significant amount of heat escapes through windows, doors, and even insulation. A good set of replacement windows can significantly improve your energy efficiency, thereby saving on your utility costs.

Another important supply that will be needed during a knockdown and rebuild process is the right demolition equipment. In addition to the proper demolition tools, many hazardous materials should not be used in any demolition situation. One of these includes asbestos. This is a material that is linked to many health problems. However, if the demolition company you choose to use has received special training that instructs them not to use this material, no harm can be caused. If the demolition company uses asbestos in your knockdown and rebuild, several different methods will be used to remove the asbestos from the walls.

There are two ways that a demolition team can remove the asbestos from your home. First, they will break through the exterior concrete slab that is located above your old home. To do this safely, the workers will need the assistance of an excavator. Once the old home has been demolished, the debris must be removed from the area without hurting yourself or those around you.

When you are doing a knockdown and rebuild in Brisbane, you do not have to worry about the workers’ safety who will be working on your property. However, you need to make sure that they have received the proper training on handling any situation that they may find themselves in a while working. Even if your existing home does not have a history of dangerous conditions, there may still be things in your house that could cause injury to you or others.

A great knockdown and rebuild job would include new carpeting in every room in your house. The old carpeting should be removed and thrown away along with old furniture, household chemicals, and anything else that will not decompose over time. The renovating and rebuilding team’s goal is to restore your home to its original look so it will look as great today as it did years ago. This will give your new room a nice clean, modern look while making your old home look like nothing ever happened.

You need to choose the right knock down rebuild builders in Brisbane for renovation. Many contractors out there will say they have the skills needed to complete this type of work, but most of them are not well suited for this type of job. You want a good contractor who has experience tearing down old homes to put up a new one.

Reasons why you should buy gazebos

A gazebo is a structure utilised by a business as a type of showcasing methodology. Gazebos have the business’s brand engraved on them to publicise an offered organisation’s results to the close by individuals.

Advantages of gazebos

Gazebos are picking up fame in the promoting and publicising area. The significant motivation behind why it is rapidly picking up notoriety is a result of its capacity to contact numerous individuals at definitely no expense. There are numerous different advantages that a business gets by purchasing a gazebo. Coming up next are the merits of the pavilions to the business.

  • You can utilise it to sell products

Not exclusively would you be able to utilise gazebo for showcasing reason, yet also showing and selling your organisation’s item over the counter. An individual can be impressed by the brand shown by the gazebo and choose to move toward the tent with a point of purchasing an item. In this way, the items ought to consistently be conveyed alongside such sorts of clients.

  • They are flexible

 A Gazebo can be utilised to achieve different errands. Additionally, they can likewise be immediately reached out to meet the necessity of a specific function. This makes it appropriate for some functions.

  • Gazebos are savvy

Marquee gazebos offer modest methods for promoting your business items and administrations to an enormous gathering of individuals, including explorers, road users, and others. A portion of the promotional techniques are costly and need a ton of cycles to actualise.

  • They are helpful methods for promoting business products

They are a generally helpful strategy for advertising an organisation’s image to an immense mass without any expenses brought about—the vast majority like to peruse data all alone without being taken through by a promotional manager.

  • They are effectively adjustable

A gazebo can be effortlessly changed to suit a specific function since they have many side and back choices that can assist with breaking the dreariness of a similar tone. The gazebo can be made to coordinate the shade of the function to make it more stunning.

  • Easy to mount

A Gazebo is collected in a couple of straightforward advances that can be aced by any ordinary individual. You don’t need to utilise a group of specialists to assist you with amassing a gazebo. Dissimilar to different sorts of structures that are lasting and expect specialists to manufacture. The gazebo is a magnificent showcasing procedure that each business needs to utilise to be serious on the lookout.

  • Gazebos are effectively observable

It is practically difficult to neglect to see a gazebo initially. They are generally attractive structures with novel tones and pictures that will, in general, pull in numerous on what they are promoting.

  • They are convenient for the help desk

They are valuable to help desk workers with supporting groups entrusted with publicising since they comfort the group. On the off chance that it rains or regardless of whether the sunbeams are excruciating, it is advantageous to sit under a gazebo.

  • They can be effortlessly hauled around

It is advantageous to move around with a gazebo since they are adaptable and can be immediately mounted at any spot without requiring any elaborate preparation. Different sorts of showcasing structures like a bulletin are stable and stand in a single spot. Raising such a structure requires unique instruments and essential skills.

Why hiring builders is a better option

DIY home build can either be an ambitious project or an admirable goal. The numerous DIY videos on YouTube nowadays make the home building look so quick, easy, and cost-effective.

Yet, the real picture is far from pleasant. Acting as your home’s contractor and builder to save money can often end in a lot of grief.

Hiring professional home builders to construct your home is a better and smarter option. The mastery of home builders with the various building systems allows them to do a streamlined process as well as deal with unexpected issues along the way.

The advantages of opting for professional home builders for your house project include:

Better buying power

Homebuilders undertake several home projects in a year and over the years. Being in the home building industry has made home builders develop professional relationships with various suppliers. Their bulk purchases of various building materials and fixtures allow them to get the best discounts and prices with suppliers.

 Buying the same materials and fixtures for a single project is likely to purchase them at the full price. This means that a homeowner gets to save money in terms of material prices when the home project is entrusted to a professional home builder.

Better management of the home project

A DIY home build extracts a tremendous sacrifice from the homeowner in terms of money and time. Taking time away from a day job to devote time to the home building project spells loss of income. This effectively adds to the expense of the home building project.

The better option is to let a professional home builder manage the home project from day 1. After all, it’s the job of home builders to construct homes which means he has all the time to devote to the planning and construction.

Building an entire house is more difficult than you think

Being handy with small construction projects and repairs does not necessarily translate being able to handle an entire house build. Substantial experience and expertise are needed for a house construction project. Managing various subcontractors can be difficult and stressful. It can become an expensive house project with the mistakes committed along the way.

Knowledge and years of experience count

The passion to manage and build home construction projects is a common trait seen in professional house builders. This passion has made them master a lot of building techniques while involved in home construction in a variety of conditions. Unexpected issues and mistakes are better handled by these building experts. Handling the house construction the DIY way could cost you in terms of wasted materials and downtime.

Establish good relationships with excellent subcontractors

The specialisation of subcontractors makes them important team members for any home construction project. However, excellent subcontractors, as a rule, like to work with good home builders.

Working with a reputable house builder lowers the risk for a subcontractor than dealing directly with a homeowner. The strong chance of acquiring top-of-the-line subcontractors is achieved when the house construction project is entrusted to a reputable house builder.

The house design you’ve always been dreaming about can be turned into reality with the help of an excellent house builder. Having a reputable house builder in your corner means a beautifully constructed home that meets all your requirements. Contact us today at Project Home Builders for more information.

How To Reduce Your Energy Consumption At Home

Energy consumption is a problem that is faced by many people all over the world. Many homes suffer the heavy priced bills and upgraded costs in their energy consumption without any fault of their own. This periodic rise in utility bills can put a badly great effect on the general budget of the house. The markets are rarely of help. Hence, it is important that we must do whatever we can about reducing the energy consumption in our homes so that we can do our part in making our bills affordable.

Energy efficient appliances

The first thing that you can do is install energy efficient supplies with the help of an electrician. He will also suggest certain appliances that not only fall in your budget but are durable as he may have the necessary experience. These appliances are the main reason your bills show the numbers you never expected to see. Moreover, with changings easons, some appliances are used more than the others. This can cause that change to occur unexpectedly. But one thing that will not disappoint you are the energy saving supplies. Some of them may be pricey depending upon the size but they will save you from periodic heavy costs.

Smart thermostat

Install a thermostat that can automatically turn itself in case you are sleeping or out of the house for some errands. This will not only save the heat inside the house but also reduce your energy consumption.

Routine behaviour

There are some things that you will need to handle rather than depending upon the electrician’s advice or appliances to do the job. These things include normalizing certain habits into your routine behavior. Foremost of these habits is unplugging devices or appliances when they are not being used. Simply, switching off an appliance is not enough because some devices like the TV, washing machine and others have a stand by mode meaning they are feeding off of energy even if they are not being used. Other than that, you must put a shade over your windows to keep the coolness or warmth inside the rooms. Similarly, close the doors and windows when the heaters or air conditioners are on so as to avoid keeping them running for a long time. Moreover, utilize the appliances with constant care.

Incorporate green power

The cheapest way to reduce energy consumption in a house is to incorporate green power in the house which means using other forms of energy resources like sunlight, wind, water etc to produce electricity. This particular energy resource can be installed within the house by any professional after hours electrician perth you have hired. The costs usually depend on where you buy the product from.

Selling Antiques: Why Choose Antique Furniture?

The antiques are appreciated by connoisseurs and collectors, but not only, even by neophytes who want to furnish their home with a classic touch and fine. In the antiques sector there are different types of furniture and furnishings.

First there are the ancient ones, coming from ancestors; they are objects that families have handed down for generations and that have an economic as well as an emotional value.

All the furniture of the nineteenth century and beyond, the Liberty and Art Nouveau sideboards of the first decades of the twentieth century, but also the post-war kitchens of the grandparents can be included in this collection.

Some passionate and expert collectors recover even older objects, preserving the state of the material with care and through the right products.

Then there are the antique and vintage or shabby chic inspired furniture that are increasingly appreciated and sought after in today’s furnishings.

These furniture components are relatively young, made in today’s era, with a retro style that refers to distant times. The value of antiqued furnishings drops considerably compared to authentic antiques, for this reason they can be found at advantageous prices and affordable for all budgets, for example in flea markets.

Then there are the poor art furniture that, as the word itself says, take up the style of peasant kitchens, country farmhouses, masonry, houses of ordinary people. They are easily recognizable thanks to the extensive use of raw wood, in its natural essence, with simple cuts, sharp and uneven corners, important and solid volumes, without too many decorations or frills.

Currently the Arte Povera furniture has been cleared through customs also thanks to the TV series set in the prairies and kitchens of the ancient noble houses, where wood is the protagonist: cherry wood tables, massive walnut sideboards with display cabinets, beech wall units are all furnishing components that can be found in the dining rooms designed nowadays.

Furnishing with antique furniture means giving a touch of warmth to the house, giving a comfortable note to any room, both in the living room and in the sleeping area.

The shabby chic style, aimed at recovery and recycling, is popular in the bathrooms, through the grandmother’s ceramic bowls which become freestanding washbasins on the wooden bases, the porcelain jugs with which daily hygiene was provided, the free-standing bathtubs, with animal details and brass inserts, the wicker baskets of Provencal taste.

How to decorate your home in vintage style

An old honey-colored turntable, formica chairs, an upholstered velvet armchair and a repainted white table. In a word: vintage .
An extraordinary style to intruduce within the walls of the house, which sees the recovery of objects full of nostalgia and passion, ready to recover value and rediscover a temporal dimension far from them.

  1. 60s POP ART COLOR
    An explosion of vitamin and energizing shades, so cheerful that it makes your head spin. This palette covers upholstered seats or brightens the floors through weaves woven in old style rugs.
    An alternative to classic sideboards, vintage sideboards give a regenerating touch to the interior. They are easily adaptable to any corner of the house, but above all they convey an absolutely exclusive retro style to the environment
    Wood is a material that speaks of its past and is ideal as an element to be inserted in a vintage context. Whether it’s a rough parquet, “ruined” effect, or an antique table to be placed in the center of the living area, don’t be afraid to overdo it. Excess is allowed.
    prefer old yellowed prints to the perfectly framed painting – for example botanical ones – and remember to dedicate a visible corner to an old record player with attached vinyls.
    A prerogative of the vintage style is timeless reception. Entering a house with a retro flavor is like entering the grandmother’s kitchen, where there is no fear of displaying the dishes outside the cupboard, but the atmosphere is able to receive its guests with a religious welcome.

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Because we understand how delicate of a job it is to transport antiques we also offer complimentary delivery services. The cost of this service depends upon the nature and size of the antique that needs to be delivered.

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