Common air conditioning issues homeowners in Brisbane Northside experience and how to prevent them

Have you ever been to any place in Brisbane Northside, during a hot summer and there is an air conditioning system experiencing some problems? This is certainly an awful experience that you will never want to experience again in your life. Therefore if you have an air conditioning system you should always ensure that it is still intact since it provides you comfort during the summer season. However, at times your air conditioning system may have some problems that may make it inefficient during the time that you need it most.

Problems that homeowners experience with their air conditioning systems?

 As a homeowner in Brisbane Northside, your air conditioning system is among the most important assets that you invest in some time before summer begins. As you invest in your air conditioning unit you may not expect it to be inefficient especially due to the high costs you incur buying it. However, there are certain problems that you will experience with the air conditioning system and will make this unit inefficient interfering with your comfort while you’re indoors. It’s therefore important to know about the problems you are likely to experience with your air conditioning system as a homeowner so that you can find solutions to your problems whenever necessary.  Some of the problems associated with the air conditioning system include;

  • Low refrigerant

An air conditioning system removes the excess heat and humidity from the air using the refrigerant. In case the air conditioning unit developed some leaks in its refrigerant lines you could have inadequate refrigerant. When the refrigerant levels are low the air conditioning system cannot cool the air effectively.

  • Evaporator coils that are frozen

The evaporator coil of your air conditioning system contains the refrigerant. The evaporator coils are like a sponge to help them absorb the heat from the ear. Even though the corals have refrigerant they need warm air to circulate them to enhance their efficiency when working. In case there is a problem with it’s airflow the air conditioner evaporator coils can get cold. With time the coils get too cold and ice begins to form on the exterior making them frozen. When this happens your air conditioning system will begin to produce warm air rather than cold air.

  • Dirty and dusty condenser coil

The condenser coils work by getting rid of the excess removed from the air and expelling it outside.  When the condenser coils are dirty they stop working making the parts of your air conditioning system wear and even fail with time.

  • Leaking ducts

 The ductwork runs through the walls or ceilings and carries cold air from the air conditioning system and distributes it throughout your house or office. If there are holes or leaks on the ductwork the cold air will wind up inside one room rather than all the rooms it should distribute the cold air too. This leads to an increase in your energy bills since your system has to work excessively to make your home or office cool.

  • Fan problems

 An air conditioning system has a fan that blows the air inside your home over an evaporator coil that cools it. There’s also a second  fan blowing air over  a condenser coil outside the unit  and  expelling the warm air outside the house. Sometimes either of the fans or both of them may not work properly especially because of excess dirt or debris worn-out belts, faulty motor and failure to lubricate the requitred parts of the air con.

How to prevent the above problems

To avoid the above problems, do the following things;

  • Inspect and maintain your air conditioning system regularly
  • Replace the dirty air filter
  •  Inspect the ductwork and  conduct the necessary repairs
  • Clear the dirt and debris around the air conditioning unit

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