Tips for designing the best custom curtains in Sydney

Do you want to change the way your room looks. If you are not too keen on spending a whole lot of cash then a window treatment would be the best option for you. However it is important that you pick curtains which are right for your requirements and your space. The following are a few helpful tips which can help you pick the perfect drapes every time.

Although curtains may not put a strain on your budget it doesn’t mean that you wouldn’t have to consider it either. In fact it is essential that you first contemplate the kind of look that you are aiming for. You would also need to consider the scale and placement of the window. When you have all the things listed down it would be easier for you to make a budget. Larger Windows would require a continuous draping or even if you have very tall ceilings you might have to invest a great deal in the fabric. However when you are going for a custom curtain the price tag is going to be considerable higher. However the finished look would be exclusive for your space and style. This is why most homeowners prefer custom window curtains for their homes.

Although there are a variety of ready to hang curtains available in the market you still can come off with budget friendly custom curtains if you are careful about the kind of fabric and drape that you are choosing. It should be kept in mind that Silk curtains or curtains made from velvet are quite expensive. You can still choose to go for curtains which are available in faux fabrics. These tend to have an expensive look and won’t be too heavy on your pocket either.

When you are choosing a custom curtain you would need to understand what appeals to you when it comes to home decor. You can even do a bit of virtual room hunting. The best place to do so is Pinterest or Instagram. Take a look at the different colors, varieties and fabrics which are available. If you are looking for a minimalistic and clean look you would prefer more neutral shades. However if you are looking to add color or transform your room then you might need to step outside the comfort zone and try some bold colors or patterns.

You may also need to consider the thickness of the curtain. You can either go for sheer, opaque, lined and blackout. The thickness you chose would depend upon the room that you are picking the curtains for. If you are going for sheer curtains this would be ideal to be layered on top of already existing blinds or shades. However this can be used as a standalone window treatment as well to create an ethereal and soft look.

On the other hand opaque curtains provide enough privacy and also help filter of the light. However if you are looking for complete privacy and light blocking along with energy efficiency, then you must go for lined or blackout curtains.

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