A Career Path to Become an Interior Designer

Some people naturally have a knack for designs and that is the first indicator for becoming an interior designer. If you love decorating rooms or arranging furniture then you might want to consider interior design as your dream career. But before you decide on a career in interior design, you must know what it takes to become one and the nature of the work awaiting you ahead. If your dream is in line with room makeovers, or you find it fun and interesting to rearrange and implement new looks in a room or home space, that is a clear indicator that a career in interior design is right for you. As an interior designer, not all will be rosy, you should be prepared to face a myriad of challenges on a case-by-case basis. While some challenges may excite you, some may not be appealing. Here are some of the things you need to know before deciding to sign up for an interior design class:

Things to Keep in Mind

A general knack for designing: The field of interior designs is more involved than the thought of rearranging our interior spaces. Having a knack for interior designs is the right first step towards becoming a great interior designer. There is a thin line separating interior designers and decorators but if you want extensive qualifications in this field you might consider architecture, fine arts, or computer-aided design.

Make it an official qualification as an interior designer: Go to class and attain an official qualification to become an interior designer. Some people might become interior designers without formalizing it but going to class cements your dreams as an interior designer. Get certifications from CIDA to get the fundamentals in this industry. Many colleges and universities are offering a course in interior design lasting about two to three years.

Establish a network: As an interior designer, you need to master the art of networking with other professionals to increase the chances of getting hired or getting projects that require your skills. Work with other professionals and keep up to date with skills and trends so that you remain relevant in the field and all along aspire to develop your style or identity.

Establish a portfolio: To succeed in this field depends on your past work. Make your clients happy and they will refer you to their friends and relatives and that is how you will build your network. A great portfolio will win you new gigs as well as great testimonies from your past clients. Your portfolio should be your selling point to winning more and more customers your way.

Things to note before becoming an interior designer

Understand the difference between an interior designer and a decorator. While decorators might excel by printing and distributing business cards to prospective clients without accreditation, becoming an interior designer requires a formal education with some accreditations from industry players and regulators.

You must have a knack and passion: If you have an innate passion for colours and spatial arrangements, this course might suit you.

Not all is about fabric and colours: While plenty of work in this field involves fabrics and colours, there is more to it that you can learn to become an excellent interior designer Sydney.

It is not as lucrative as you think: You will learn to hustle while in this field. There will be no steady stream of income, well at least not so fast. Other factors go into how much you can make as a designer including; location, education, experience, and the company size.

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