Important facts about complying development

Complying development in the Fast Track process carried out by the Council or an accredited certifier. It is the planning and construction approval and is applicable for homes commercial projects and industrial projects. Any alterations or additions made to house or an industrial building would require complying development.

 If you are in a hurry to get the project approved you can place an application under the fast track complying development pathway. The process can take as little as 20 days and allows homeowners to save a considerable amount of cash when they build their home under the complying development. Savings on renovations are also considerable when you get a Fast Track approval.

What is complying development required for?

Complying development generally includes large building work which does not come under exempt development. It is important to get a sign of a building professional or a certifier. In order to get the compliance development certificate you need to get an approval regarding the construction period.

The following are examples of projects complying development

  • Building a one or two storey home or the building of a granny flat on an already existing site
  • Complying development is also required for any sort of earthwork or the building of a structure on a residential or commercial property.
  • It is applicable when building a fence or a swimming pool. Plus if there is a development of any water way structures or carrying out of subdivision, the compliance needs to be obtained before work is carried out
  • Development of a home based Enterprise also requires the permission. Certain home renovations might also require the building approval

In order to get a complying development approval you can apply online. You can contact the local Council when applying for a CDC and they will let you know of documents that are required. You would then be required to register with the planning portal to jumpstart your application.

You need to submit a certificate of title along with the site and design plans. All other documents which are relevant to the building specifications need to be submitted to the certifier or the Council.

General requirements for complying development

Complying development is not applicable on a land which lies within a heritage or a conservation area. However there are certain exceptions but you may need to go through the relevant development standards for further information. The same is applicable for land which is reserved for public purposes. If a land lies in a buffer area or a river front area, any other ecologically sensitive area the CDC approval will not be granted.

It is important to talk to your neighbors before receiving an approval and again when the construction starts. If you are looking for the FastTrack route you may need to provide your neighbors with two notifications. The first would include the pre approval notification which would comprise of talking to your neighbors about the development process despite the fact that it might be big or small. It is a good idea because it can save you the trouble of any untoward situations later on.

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