The many advantages of exterior and interior stone cladding

Stone cladding is quite popular with homeowners. In fact there are many interior decorators who prefer stone cladding over other home improvement options. the main reason is that stone cladding offers a durability to the walls especially when it comes to external application. Since it is durable it becomes resistant to breaking and shipping when compared to other walling material such as concrete. It is also resistant to all kinds of harsh weather conditions and requires very little upkeep.

What is stone cladding?

Applying on layer of natural or artificial stones on to the walls is known as stone cladding. It can be used in the interior as well as exterior of a home. It is usually done to reduce the weight of the natural stone which is used in buildings and can also help lower the construction cost. however there is more to stone cladding than meets the eye. It is also a popular home improvement because it gives a natural yet elegant look to the walls while also making them more durable.

How much does it cost?

Cost of stone cladding depends on number of factors which include the following

  • It would depend upon what is exactly are you looking to build and the material that you are going to use for cladding the walls.
  • Another factor would be the cost of the skilled labor in your area.
  • It would depend whether you are using natural stones of fabricated panels which are designed from plastic or fiberglass resin but actually look like stone.
  • The kind of stone which you are using would also have any impact on the cost. If you plan on using sandstone it could be generally less expensive when compared to marble or granite.

You can easily make your home look like as it has been designed from stone by simply putting of these panels. On the other hand if you are more inclined towards the natural stone cladding you could simply have it mortared in the form of traditional slabs or chunks against the wall.

Usually a contractor might use stone veneers, a process which involves thin slices of stones been glued to the standard walls. These tend to be much lighter than using building stone and are ideal to be used on walls which are not too sturdy. This is why the contractor doesn’t have to worry about reinforcing the wall.

Benefits of stone cladding

It comes to the benefits of stone cladding the first and foremost is the aesthetic appeal which it provides. You generally do not have to stone clad your entire home. It also offers insulation which makes it an ideal green improvement for homes. The insulation can help lower the electrical bills. It is also fire and moisture resistant and if you live in a area which is prone to harsh fires you can rest assured that your home would be prevented from a fire hazard.

For more information on stone cladding make sure that you talk to your contractor today.

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